Shangrila 510S Ventilator

Jal Medical is one of the leading manufacturer and bulk supplier of Shangrila 510S Ventilator. The Shangrila 510S is a pneumatically driven electronically Controlled Emergency Transport Ventilator that Combines advanced technology and versatile ventilation functions that meets the breathing requirements of adults, paediatric and infant patients. As an exporters and wholesale suppliers of Shangrila 510S Ventilator, this product meets both EN1789 standards and is IPX4 level waterproofed. We as ventilator exporter and supplier can also bulk supply these high quality units as per requirements to different healthcare facilities and organizations.

Shangrila 510S Ventilator Features

  • Waveform display and multi-parameter monitoring
  • Electronically controlled PEEP
  • Acoustic and visual alarms
  • Anti-crash design
  • Direct access to critical settings and patient data
  • Operate with low flow oxygen supply
  • Pressure control & Volume control mode
  • Invasive & Non-Invasive ventilation
  • SPONT/PSV, CPAP modes
  • Manual Intervention Functions

Shangrila 510S Ventilator Components & Accessories

Multi Ways of Power Supply

  • Vehicle D/C power
  • A/C power adaptor
  • 4.5h long lasting internal battery
  • External backup battery(optional)

Shangrila 510S Ventilator Comprehensive Accessories

  • Suction unit
  • 2.8L Oxygen cylinder kit
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Hanging plate assembly
  • Bluetooth module

Technical Specifications of Shangrila 510S Ventilator

Ventilation Modes
A/C-V with sigh A/C-P
Shangrila 510S Ventilator Parameters

  • Tidal Volume: 0~2000 ml
  • Respiration Rate: 1~120 bpm (A/C mode)
    1~40 bpm (SIMV mode)
  • I:E Ratio: 1:10~4:1
  • FiO2: 40%~100%
  • Trigger Sensitivity: Pressure trigger: -20~0 cmH2O
  • Flow Trigger: 2~30 L/min
  • PEEP: 0~30 cmH2O

Shangrila 510S Ventilator Monitoring

  • Pressure Value: Ppeak,PEEP
  • Volume / Flow Value: Vt, MV
  • Time Value: ftotal
  • Real Time Curves: Pressure-Time,Flow-time

Paw high Paw low MV high Gas supply down
No VT FiO2 high FiO2 low Apnea
Continous pressure high / CP high EX. power lost
O2 deficiency Battery low

Shangrila 510S Ventilator Technical Data

  • Supply Gas: O2, 0.25~0.6 MPa
  • Power Supply: AC100~240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, ≤65 VA
  • Screen Size: 5􂜇LCD Screen
  • Maximum Security Pressure: ≤8 KPa
  • Compliance: ≤4 ml /100 Pa
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 168 mm x 156 mm x 300 mm
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 4.5H
  • Weight: 3.2 kg (Main unit)
    8 kg (Main unit & Accessories)

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