About Us

The Emerging Leader For Biomedical Solutions In Singapore

JAL Medical Singapore is member company of a public listed manufacturer OK Biotech Co. Ltd. Our head office is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. We are ISO 13485 and GMP certified. Our ultimate goal is to serve our global partners with a truly integrated biomedical manufacturing facility with offering of a wide range of proprietary diabetic monitoring systems and in-vitro diagnostic test kits.

The JAL Medical Group of companies started its medical devices business for more than 20 years and is now reputed to one of the world’s leading manufacturer and global distributor of rapid diagnostic test kits. The group is also one of the world’s global dominant manufacturer of blood glucose monitoring systems.

We are committed to serve our partners by manufacturing and distributing high quality, reliable and competitive products and services to every continent. Our vision is to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions in markets around the world.

Our Group’s Key Business Divisions are:

  1. Manufacturing of an extensive range of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits particularly a complete range of professional use and home use STD test kits
  2. Manufacturing of an extensive range of professional and home POC use blood glucose monitoring systems
  3. Provision of Professional Consultancy Services for the development of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits Design and Production Facilities
  4. Health Products – The group has now entered into a joint collaboration with Nutrisyz Singapore to develop and distribute globally an exciting range of Proprietary Medicine and Herb-Based Health Supplements. These high-efficacy Chinese Proprietary Medical (CPM) are approved and listed with the Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA).


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