iCARE Ovulation (LH) Test Kit

iCARE Ovulation (LH) Test Kit

LH Ovulation Rapid Test: Navigating Fertility with Precision

The iCARE LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Ovulation Rapid Test by Jal Medical is a pivotal tool for women monitoring their fertility. This test is designed to detect the surge in LH that indicates ovulation is likely to occur soon, providing invaluable information for those trying to conceive.

Key Features of LH Ovulation Rapid Test:

  • High Accuracy: Offers 99% accuracy, ensuring reliable detection of the LH surge.
  • Optimized Format: Available in a hospital version with 40 tests and a field version with a single test, accommodating both high-volume and individual needs.
  • Quality Certification: The production facilities are ISO 13484:2016 and GMP approved, with CE and FDA 510K clearance for co-branded products.
  • User-Friendly Design: The test includes a 3.0mm well cassette and pipette for the hospital version, and a midstream format measuring 5.5mm for the field version.
  • Easy Interpretation: A colored line appears in the test zone to indicate a positive result, with a control line for procedure verification.

The iCARE LH Ovulation Rapid Test is a simple, non-invasive way for women to determine the best time to conceive, making it a critical component in family planning.

How LH Ovulation Rapid Test Works?

The iCARE LH Ovulation Rapid Test functions by identifying the mid-cycle LH surge, which precedes ovulation by about 24-48 hours. This surge is a signal that the egg is released from the ovary, which is the optimal time for fertilization. The test’s sensitivity to LH changes in urine makes it a powerful predictor of ovulation.

Application and Use of LH Ovulation Rapid Test

The test can be used directly in the urine stream or by dipping the test card in a urine sample. It’s a quick process, with results available in a short amount of time. The presence of a colored line in the test region indicates a positive result, suggesting that ovulation may soon occur. A line in the control region ensures that the test has been performed correctly.

Ensuring Effective Testing

Jal Medical has ensured that the iCARE LH Ovulation Rapid Test is user-friendly and provides precise results:

  • The tests have a 24-month shelf life from the date of production.
  • Tests are to be stored at room temperature, avoiding freezing to maintain efficacy.
  • Clear instructions are provided to ensure the test is conducted correctly for accurate results.

Jal Medical’s Commitment to Reproductive Health

By offering the iCARE LH Ovulation Rapid Test, Jal Medical demonstrates its commitment to aiding individuals in their journey towards conception. This product empowers women to understand their fertility better, providing them with the information needed to increase their chances of successful conception.

iCARE LH Ovulation Rapid Test is not only a testament to Jal Medical’s innovation in healthcare diagnostics but also a valuable tool for those planning for pregnancy. With its accuracy, ease of use, and rapid results, it is an essential aid for anyone looking to conceive.