Fertility Rapid Test Kits

iCARE Fertility Rapid Test Kits

The iCARE fertility range comprises of ovulation test kit, menopause test kit, and pregnancy test kits. The ovulation tests aid you in predicting the fertility cycle for females. The Luteinizing Hormone or LH increases substantially in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This hormone is found in the urine, which is detected using the ovulation test kit. An increase in the LH expedites the ovulation process in which the egg is released periodically from the normal fertile woman. The kit consists of a cassette in which specimen is dropped. The capillary action carries this specimen to migrate along the membrane and reaches the test zone. As the traces of LH in the specimen reaches the test zone of the membrane, it results in the formation of a coloured line that denotes a positive result. Absence of colored line signifies negative result.

The iCARE hCG rapid diagnostic test is a visual assay for detecting early stages of pregnancy. Our diagnostic test offers 2 test specimens, in urine only and serum & plasma or urine test. Both aforementioned specimens are clinically proven to be above 99% accurate. The pregnancy test detects the presence of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG). hCG is known as the pregnancy hormone and is found in the urine of a pregnant woman.