iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Screen Test

iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test: A Revolution in Sexual Health Screening

Jal Medical, a pioneer in rapid diagnostic solutions, has once again demonstrated its commitment to global health with the introduction of the iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test. This innovative product has been designed with the intention of providing accurate, reliable, and swift diagnosis of Chlamydia infections, which are among the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections worldwide.

Key Features of Chlamydia Test Kit:

  • Pack Size Variability: Offered in a hospital version with 40 tests per box and a field version with one test per foil.
  • Comprehensive Kit Contents: Each hospital pack includes 40 cassettes, pipettes, and two types of buffer solutions for extensive testing needs.
  • Specimen Specificity: Tailored for urogenital specimens, ensuring targeted and accurate detection.
  • Antigen Detection: Focuses on identifying the Chlamydia antigen, offering a direct approach to testing.
  • Certification Assurance: Production facilities adhere to ISO 13484:2016 and GMP standards, with the self-test version in the process of CE application.

The iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test is not just a medical product but a means to enhance sexual health practices and awareness. With its antigen-based detection system, it simplifies the process of identifying Chlamydia infections, allowing for timely treatment and management.

A Closer Look at the iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test Technology

The iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test operates on a visual chromatographic immunoassay principle for the qualitative detection of Chlamydia antigen from urogenital specimens. The hospital version is ideal for high-volume testing environments, while the field version is perfect for individual screenings, with each kit including all necessary components such as an extraction tube pre-filled with Buffer A, two swabs for specimen collection, a test cassette, and Buffer B.

The product’s specificity is tailored for urogenital specimens, which means that it can be used effectively in a variety of clinical and field settings. The test can differentiate between samples from male and female patients, with two swabs needed for female specimen collection and one for males, ensuring gender-specific accuracy.

Ensuring Safety and Quality in Diagnostics

Jal Medical has taken significant precautions to guarantee the safety and quality of the iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test. The kit’s components are for in vitro use only and are designed to be used once to ensure the integrity of each test. The manufacturing process is certified, ensuring that each test is produced under the highest quality standards.

The precautions include:

  • In vitro diagnostic use only.
  • Safe handling of potentially infectious specimens.
  • Single-use test with secure disposal instructions.
  • Strict adherence to the expiration date.
  • Verification of the sealed condition before use.
  • Keeping the kit out of children’s reach.

The iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test comes with a leaflet providing detailed instructions for use, ensuring that the test is administered correctly for accurate results. This commitment to quality and safety reflects Jal Medical’s dedication to advancing healthcare diagnostics and contributing to better health outcomes globally.

Healthcare professionals and individuals interested in the iCARE Chlamydia Rapid Test can expect nothing less than a product that is easy to use, quick to deliver results, and manufactured under stringent quality controls. With this innovation, Jal Medical is leading the way in sexual health diagnostics, making rapid, reliable testing more accessible than ever.