iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card

iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card

iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card with ABO Blood Grouping Kit (Solid-phase Method)

Unparalleled Blood Group Detection

Jal Medical takes pride in presenting the iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card, equipped with the ABO Blood Grouping Kit utilizing the solid-phase method. Our cutting-edge technology, manufactured with precision, makes us one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in the medical industry. Designed for ease of use and accuracy, this kit ensures reliable RhD blood group detection, catering to diverse healthcare needs globally.

ABO Blood Grouping Test Card Key Features:

  • Solid-Phase Method: Utilizing an advanced solid-phase method for blood group detection, ensuring accuracy and reliability in results.
  • Monoclonal Antibodies: The test card incorporates monoclonal anti-A, anti-B, and anti-RhD antibodies, offering a comprehensive analysis of the blood sample.
  • Easy Interpretation: A simple process with clear indicators – a red signal for positive results and an absence of the signal for negative results, making it easy for healthcare professionals to interpret.
  • Individual Foil Pouches: Each test card comes individually foil-pouched with a desiccant, ensuring the stability and longevity of the kit.
  • User-Friendly Disposable Components: The disposable plastic dropper and sample diluents provided enhance the user experience, simplifying the testing process.

Test Procedure and Collection Guidelines

The iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card is applicable to fresh whole blood samples, maintaining sterility during the collection process. With a minimal sample requirement of 5μl per well, the testing procedure is streamlined for efficiency. Prior to testing, it is crucial to follow the package insert instructions diligently, ensuring accurate and dependable results.

Sample Collection Steps:

  1. Collect fresh whole blood samples under sterile conditions, avoiding hemolysis.
  2. Add 5μl of whole blood to each “S” well on the test card.
  3. Within one minute, add 250μl of sample diluents to each “D” well.


While our ABO Blood Grouping Kit is highly accurate, it is recommended to test both blood grouping and reverse grouping with reagents to confirm results. In case of non-conforming results, further experiments are advised.

Global Reach

Jal Medical stands as a beacon of healthcare solutions, supplying our innovative ABO Blood Grouping Test Card to 57 African countries, the Caribbean, and Central Asia. From Nigeria to Kazakhstan, our commitment to providing reliable medical diagnostics knows no bounds. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare globally with the precision and excellence embodied in the iCARE ABO Blood Grouping Test Card. For inquiries, contact us at sales@jalmedical.com.