iCARE Dengue NS1/Igg/IgM Combo Rapid Test Kit

The iCARE Dengue NS1/Itg/IgM Combo Rapid Test Kit is intended for qualitative testing of the Dengue NS1 antigen and IgG/IgM antibodies. It is the recommended diagnostic test for patients with suspected Dengue disease.

iCARE Dengue NS1/IgM Combo Rapid Test Kit

The iCARE Dengue NS1/Igg/M Combo Rapid Test Kit is an immunochromatographic assay that detects the NS1 antigen of dengue virus and the differential IgG/IgM antibody responses in human specimens. The kit uses two test devices and is designed to detect the dengue virus in a specimen in just one step. The results are accurate within a few hours and may be used to make decisions on the care of a patient.

The NS1 RDT kit can detect DENV antibodies within a day or two of the onset of symptoms. However, detection of anti-DENV IgM antibodies is not possible within the acute phase of the infection. It takes approximately 3-5 days to detect anti-DENV IgM antibodies, and 10-14 days to detect anti-DENV IgG antibodies. Using the iCARE Dengue NS1/IgeG/IgM Combo Rapid Test kit, results can be obtained within 15 minutes and without the use of special laboratory equipment.

Rapid Dengue Test Kit Manufacturers

Dengue RT-PCR

The iCARE Dengue RT-PCR Kit uses a fluorogenic detection system. It is effective in detecting the four serotypes of dengue virus. It has universal and type specific detection methods, and has low cross-reactivity. In addition, it is fast, easy to use, and reliable.

The iCARE Dengue RT-PCR Kit contains primers and probes. The reagents contain Taqman probes that bind to target DNA between the unlabeled primers. The dengue-specific primer is labeled BHQ-1, which quenches the fluorescent dye signal. The kit includes 12 eight-well strips and four probe reporter dyes.

The iCARE Dengue RT-PCR Kit can be used to confirm the diagnosis of dengue. It detects dengue with a high degree of sensitivity. The kit can detect DENV-1, DENV-3, and DENV-4. The results are accurate and fast, and can be used for patient management.