iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid test kit detects acute infection with the dengue virus by measuring the non-structural protein 1 (NS1) of the virus. However, it does not provide serotype information. This makes it difficult to distinguish acute infection from chronic infection. In addition, if the patient exhibits clinical features suggestive of dengue, the results of the test may not be accurate.

Detects Imported Dengue Cases at Airports

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid test kit detects imported cases of dengue virus in the air. Its rapid diagnostic results could help improve control measures and patient management in hospitals. The test can also help reduce local outbreaks of the disease in non-endemic areas.

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid Testing Kit can detect imported dengue cases in a matter of minutes. The test uses sticky, non-insecticidal traps that target gravid Aedes mosquitoes. It can be used by public health workers with minimal training. It is more convenient and efficient for public health workers to trap adult mosquitoes, compared to larval surveys.

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Detects Non-structural Protein 1 (NS1) of Dengue Virus

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid Testing Kit detects non-structural protein 1 of the dengue virus, a marker of recent exposure or acute infection. The NS1 antigen should be used for diagnosis only and is not a substitute for IgM antibodies in determining the serotype of infection. NS1 can be found in serum or whole blood, but most NS1 tests are designed for serum samples. When used in conjunction with IgM antibody, NS1 testing may provide a diagnostic result during the first seven days of illness. In the convalescent phase, a second specimen should be tested for IgM antibodies.

NS1 plays an important role in the pathogenesis of dengue virus infection. It contributes to vascular leakage and hemorrhage. It has been shown to be a potential drug target.

Provides Serotype Information Without Serotype Information

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid Testing Kit does not provide serotype information. However, if a person has a positive test result, it means they have contracted the dengue virus. The test does not give information about the serotype of the virus, but it does confirm the presence of antibodies to dengue IgM. The test is available as a commercial kit but only a few are cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, some public health laboratories have started using this test.

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid Testing Kit is an ideal tool for rapid diagnosis of dengue infection. Its nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) antigen provides a quick, accurate test result. The test uses serum samples from confirmed patients and healthy donors for comparison. The results from the two tests were compared and statistical results showed that they had comparable sensitivity and specificity (both 100%). Both serologic tests were also highly accurate, and the agreement between the two methods was excellent.

iCARE Dengue Test Kit

Detects Acute Infection With Dengue Virus

The iCARE Dengue NS1 Rapid test kit detects acute infection with dengue virus by detecting a nonstructural protein (NS1) from dengue virus. This antigen is secreted into the blood during dengue virus infection. Developed as a serum test, NS1 is as sensitive as molecular tests in the early stages of acute dengue infection.

Dengue NS1 rapid diagnostic tests have become available in the market due to the increasing demand for point-of-care diagnostics. A biosensor-based dengue NS1 rapid test kit may make the process of diagnosis more affordable and expedient. A recent study evaluated a biosensor-based NS1 dengue assay against a commercial NS1 ELISA and NS1/IgG RDT. The study employed a prospective, cross-sectional design and was conducted using STARD guidelines.