iCARE DOA Cup (Configurable) Rapid Screen Test

iCARE DOA Cup (Configurable) Rapid Screen Test

iCARE DOA Cup (Configurable) Rapid Screen Test: Trusted Drug Abuse Screening

Unrivaled Drug Detection Technology

Jal Medical takes pride in presenting the iCARE DOA Cup (Configurable) Rapid Screen Test, a cutting-edge solution for rapid and accurate drug abuse screening. This visual chromatographic assay boasts a sensitivity exceeding 99.8% and specificity surpassing 99%, ensuring reliable results. The device offers a unique 13-drug test profile for urine specimens, covering a comprehensive range including AMP, BAR, BZO, COC, KET, MET, MTD, MDMA, OPI, PCP, THC, BUP, and TCA. Additionally, a specialized 7-drug test profile is available for saliva specimens, targeting AMP, COC, THC, MET, BZO, and MDMA.

Tailored for Precision and Compliance

Designed with NIDA/SAMSHA detection limits in mind, the iCARE DOA Cup meets the highest standards for drug testing. Backed by multiple independent clinical studies and certifications from CE, FDA, and 510k, this screening test offers unparalleled reliability. Its configurable nature allows customization for different abused drugs, providing flexibility with multi-panel testing options ranging from 2 to 10 panels for urine and 2 to 7 panels for saliva.

iCARE DOA Cup Rapid Screen Test Key Features:

  • Sensitivity: >99.8%
  • Specificity: >99%
  • Unique 13-drug test profile for urine
  • Unique 7-drug test profile for saliva
  • Customizable for different abused drugs
  • Multiple independent clinical studies and certifications
  • NIDA/SAMSHA detection limits

Global Reach, Local Impact

Jal Medical extends its commitment to public health across borders. With a vast distribution network, our iCARE DOA Cup reaches 57 African countries, including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, South Africa, and more. Catering to the unique needs of diverse regions, we also serve Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, and Dominican Republic, as well as Central Asian nations like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Trust Jal Medical for unparalleled drug screening solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

Jal Medical iCARE DOA Cup (Configurable) Rapid Screen Test is your trusted partner for rapid, accurate, and customizable drug abuse screening. Backed by advanced technology, global certifications, and a commitment to public health, it stands as a beacon in the fight against substance abuse.