iCARE HBeAb Rapid
Screen Test

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iCARE HBeAb Rapid Screen Test Kit: Empowering Health with Precision

Unparalleled Accuracy in STD Detection

Jal Medical takes pride in presenting the iCARE HBeAb Rapid Screen Test, a cutting-edge diagnostic solution categorized under Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Rapid Screen Test Kits. This one-step test employs a competitive colloidal gold enhanced immunoassay for the precise determination of anti-HBe antigen (HBeAb) in human whole blood, serum, or plasma. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, the test delivers results within just 5 minutes.

iCARE HBeAb Rapid Screen Test Key Features:

  • Test Type: Antibody
  • Test Formats: 1 well cassette, pipette, Dip strip (50T/100T)
  • Sample Size: 10ul serum
  • Specificity: 99%
  • Sensitivity: 97.99%
  • Certification: Independent laboratory evaluation from Cambridge (UK) & China
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Storage: Store at 4 ºC ~ 30 ºC in the sealed pouch up to the expiration date.

How It Works

The iCARE One Step HBeAb Test operates on a sophisticated mechanism. The anti-HBeAg antibody is immobilized on the nitrocellulose membrane’s test region. During the assay, existing HBeAb in the specimen competes with the colored anti-HBeAg: colloidal gold for a limited number of HBeAg binding sites pre-embedded on the sample pad. The mixture then migrates chromatographically on the membrane through capillary action. A negative result manifests as a color band with the specific immuno-complex forming on the membrane, while the absence of this band in the test region suggests a positive result. Additionally, a colored band always appears at the control region, serving as a procedural control.

Global Reach for Enhanced Healthcare

Jal Medical’s commitment to global health is evident through its widespread distribution to 57 African countries, catering to nations such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, DR Congo, Tanzania, and more. The company also extends its reach to Caribbean countries and Central Asia, ensuring access to reliable and high-quality medical solutions. This expansive distribution network reflects Jal Medical’s dedication to advancing healthcare infrastructure worldwide.

Invest in the iCARE HBeAb Rapid Screen Test Kit to empower healthcare professionals with a reliable and swift solution for STD detection, ultimately contributing to the improvement of global public health.