iCARE HCG Rapid Test – A Presumptive Pregnancy Test

The iCARE HCG Rapid Test is a reliable, presumptive pregnancy test that detects HCG at a level of 50 mIU/ml or more. As a result, it is a 99 per cent accurate prenatal test. Although you may see color development during pregnancy, you should wait until the pregnancy is confirmed by a physician.

iCARE HCG Rapid Test is a Presumptive Diagnosis for Pregnancy

The iCARE HCG rapid test is essentially a pregnancy test. The test detects the presence of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a woman’s urine. It is a presumptive diagnosis only; a confirmed pregnancy diagnosis can only be achieved by a physician after a clinical exam or ultrasound.

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced by the developing placenta soon after fertilization. This hormone inhibits menstruation and is a good indicator of pregnancy. During the first trimester, the levels of hCG double.

iCARE HCG Rapid Test is 99 Per Cent Accurate

The iCARE HCG Rapid Test is 99 percent accurate, and is a safe and effective way to confirm whether you’re pregnant. A positive result means that there’s a small amount of HCG in your urine, and a negative result means there is none. However, a negative result could mean a number of things, including that your pregnancy is unlikely to have developed yet or that you have taken the test too early.

Most at-home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate if used correctly. These tests are available from most pharmacies and have the same level of accuracy as the tests used in medical offices. While some of them take more time to read, you don’t need a prescription, so you can test yourself at home in a few minutes.

iCARE HCG Rapid Test kit

iCARE HCG Rapid Test Detects HCG at Least 50 mIU/ml

The iCARE HCG Rapid Test detects a pregnancy hormone called HCG at levels of at least 50 mIU/ml. This hormone is present in the bloodstream of a pregnant woman after two to three days after conception. During the first eight to ten weeks of pregnancy, the levels of the hormone rise rapidly in the blood. This is when a test can accurately confirm whether a woman is pregnant or not.

HCG is released into the bloodstream from the developing placenta just a few days after conception. It is important to measure the concentration of this hormone because it helps determine the exact age of the fetus. Furthermore, it can be used to diagnose pregnancies with abnormalities such as Down syndrome or molar pregnancies. This hormone can also help detect certain abnormal conditions that may not be pregnancy-related.

iCARE HCG Rapid Test May Show Color Development Over Time

If you have a low level of hCG, the iCARE HCG Rapid Test may show a colored band over time. However, this is not a problem if you’re not pregnant yet. The color will develop over time and migrate across the test strip. If the test results are too low, a 48-72 hour specimen should be collected for confirmation. To avoid interference, you should avoid alcohol and excessive fluid intake before taking the test. In addition, hormonal contraceptives, painkillers, and other fertility therapies should not affect the results.

iCARE HCG Rapid Test is Not Affected by Alcohol

When it comes to taking an iCARE HCG Rapid Test, alcohol is not an issue. It won’t affect your test’s results, but it will dehydrate you and make you drink more water than normal. While alcohol won’t directly affect your pregnancy test, it will cause it to read falsely, which can cause a false negative.

You should avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before undergoing a pregnancy test. This will ensure that your results will be accurate. If you are concerned about the results, you should wait a few days before trying again.