iCARE LH (Luteinizing Hormone)/ Ovulation Rapid Test

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iCARE LH (Luteinizing Hormone)/Ovulation Rapid Test Kit

Discover the power of the iCARE LH (Luteinizing Hormone)/Ovulation Rapid Test Kit, crafted by Jal Medical, a renowned name among manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in the healthcare industry. Cat. No. W2-M.

LH (Luteinizing Hormone)/Ovulation Rapid Test Kit Key Features

  • Qualitative test for predicting LH surge and ovulation
  • In vitro self-test for external use
  • Reliable detection of ovulation with high accuracy
  • Helps determine the optimal time for conception
  • Easy-to-use midstream format with clear instructions

How It Works

The iCARE LH/Ovulation Rapid Test Kit is designed to detect the surge in LH, a key hormone that triggers ovulation. By predicting this surge, the kit enables you to identify your most fertile days with precision, enhancing your chances of conception. The LH surge typically occurs 24-48 hours before ovulation, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Content of the Test Kit

  1. Midstream test device with absorbent pad
  2. Desiccant pouch for storage
  3. Instruction leaflet for easy usage

Precautions for Accuracy:

  • External use only, avoid ingestion
  • Discard after single use
  • Check expiration date before use
  • Ensure pouch integrity before testing
  • Keep away from children and direct sunlight

Storage and Stability: Store between 4ºC to 30ºC in sealed pouch Avoid freezing, direct sunlight, moisture, and heat exposure Open pouch just before testing for optimal results

Specimen Collection and Preparation: Collect urine in a clean container or use midstream method Follow timing and instructions for accurate results Read results within 5 minutes for best interpretation

Global Availability

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Empower yourself with the iCARE LH/Ovulation Rapid Test Kit and embrace the journey towards parenthood with confidence.