iCARE Malaria (P.f/Pan) Rapid Screen Test

iCARE Malaria (P.f/Pan) Rapid Screen Test Kit

Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test: Innovative Diagnostics for Malaria

Jal Medical’s iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test stands as a significant advancement in the field of infectious disease diagnosis. This diagnostic tool is engineered to detect malaria antigens with high precision, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable method to rapidly diagnose and differentiate between Plasmodium falciparum and other Plasmodium species infections.

Key Features of Malaria P.f/Pan Test Kit:

  • Dual Detection: Capable of identifying both P. falciparum and Pan malaria antigens in whole blood.
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured in ISO 13484:2016 and GMP-approved facilities, ensuring a high-quality product.
  • WHO Prequalification: The test is in the final stage of WHO Prequalification, indicating its global standard compliance.
  • Adaptable Packaging: Available in both a hospital version with 40 tests and a field version with one test per foil.
  • Complete Test Kit: Comes with all the necessary components for testing, including a well cassette, pipette, and diluent.

The iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test is a one-step assay designed for ease of use and reliability, providing results that are crucial for the effective treatment and control of malaria.

Advanced Testing Mechanism

The iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test employs the principle of immunochromatography. When a blood sample is introduced to the test’s buffer, it flows through the membrane where it interacts with the conjugate antibodies specific to P. falciparum HRP-2 and Pan malaria pLDH. If P. falciparum antigens are present, both test lines will develop a purple color. In the case of non-falciparum malaria, only one line will appear. The control line serves as a procedural indicator, confirming the test was performed correctly.

This precise mechanism enables the differentiation between falciparum and non-falciparum malaria cases, which is critical for selecting the appropriate treatment regimen.

Safety and Efficacy

Jal Medical prioritizes the safety and effectiveness of the iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test:

  • The test should be stored and used according to the specified conditions to ensure accuracy.
  • Each kit is designed for single use, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Detailed instructions are provided to ensure the test is carried out correctly, and disposal guidelines help to maintain safety post-testing.

A Commitment to Global Health

With the iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test, Jal Medical underscores its commitment to improving global health outcomes. This test kit is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing innovative and accessible diagnostic tools that meet global standards. It is an essential resource for healthcare providers in the fight against malaria, aiding in rapid diagnosis and contributing to the timely treatment of this life-threatening disease.

In areas where malaria is a major health concern, the iCARE Malaria P.f/Pan Tri-line Rapid Test is more than a medical product; it is a vital component of public health infrastructure, enabling effective disease management and helping to save lives.