iCARE Malaria (Pf/Pv) Rapid Screen Test

iCARE Malaria Test Kit

Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test: Enhancing Malaria Diagnostics

Jal Medical’s iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test kit is a revolutionary product in the fight against malaria, a disease that continues to impact millions worldwide. This rapid diagnostic test is designed for the simultaneous detection of antigens to both Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax, the two most common and dangerous malaria parasites. It’s a crucial tool in regions where malaria is prevalent, facilitating quick and accurate diagnosis.

Key Features of Malaria Test Kit:

  • Targeted Detection: Differentiates between P. falciparum and P. vivax infections, which is essential for appropriate treatment.
  • Quality Manufacturing: Produced in ISO 13484:2016 and GMP-certified facilities, ensuring a product that meets rigorous international standards.
  • WHO Prequalification: The test is in the final stage of the World Health Organization Prequalification (WHO-PQ), indicating its high efficacy and reliability.
  • Flexible Testing Options: Available in a hospital version with 40 tests per box and a field version with one test per foil.
  • Complete Testing Kit: Includes a well cassette, pipette, diluent, alcohol swab, and lancet for comprehensive testing.

The iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test is optimized for whole blood specimens, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings, from hospital laboratories to remote field locations.

Streamlined and Accurate Testing Process

The iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunoassay, a proven technology for point-of-care testing that provides results quickly. This test is particularly valuable for healthcare professionals who need to diagnose and begin treatment for malaria swiftly to reduce the risk of severe complications.

Each kit is self-contained, with all necessary components included to perform the test. The simplicity of the testing process makes it accessible to healthcare providers even in resource-limited settings, ensuring that malaria can be diagnosed and treated promptly and effectively.

Ensuring Safe and Effective Use

Jal Medical has taken great care to ensure that the iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test is both safe and easy to use:

  • The test should not be used beyond its expiration date.
  • All components, including the lancet and swab, are provided to ensure that the test is administered safely and hygienically.
  • A single-use policy prevents cross-contamination and ensures the accuracy of each test.
  • Disposal guidelines are provided to ensure that used tests do not pose a health risk.

Jal Medical’s Commitment to Global Health

The introduction of the iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test into the healthcare market represents Jal Medical’s ongoing commitment to addressing global health challenges. By providing a reliable, easy-to-use, and rapid diagnostic test for malaria, Jal Medical is contributing to the global effort to control and eventually eradicate this devastating disease.

For healthcare professionals, the iCARE Malaria Tri-line Rapid Test is not just a diagnostic tool; it’s a means to save lives and improve health outcomes for individuals at risk of malaria. It underscores Jal Medical’s mission to innovate for a healthier world.