iCARE Tuberculosis (TB) Rapid Screen Test

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Innovative Tuberculosis Rapid Screen Test Kit by Jal Medical

Detecting Tuberculosis Made Easy

Jal Medical takes pride in being one of the foremost manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in the medical field, specializing in the groundbreaking iCARE Tuberculosis (TB) Rapid Screen Test. This kit, available at jalinnovation.com, stands out in the category of Infectious Diseases Rapid Screen Test Kits. Engineered with precision and utilizing a double antigen “sandwich principle,” this product ensures reliable detection of Tuberculosis antibodies in human whole blood, serum, or plasma.

Tuberculosis (TB) Rapid Screen Test Key Features:

  • Double Antigen Detection: The test employs two recombinant Tuberculosis antigens (TB Ag 1&2) immobilized on the test band region, enhancing accuracy.
  • Colloidal Gold Technology: Tuberculosis antigen (TB Ag 3) coupled with colloidal gold particles ensures a swift and efficient testing process.
  • Chromatographic Migration: The specimen reacts with the colored conjugate, migrating along the nitrocellulose membrane, forming a distinct colored test band in case of a positive result.
  • Procedural Control: A colored band at the control region guarantees the validity of the test, serving as a procedural control.

Specifications for Tuberculosis Rapid Screen Test:

  • Category: Infectious Diseases Test
  • Catalog No: WF1113
  • Packing: 40T per box
  • Specimen: Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma
  • Sample: 10 ul
  • Format: Hospital version (1 well cassette, pipette, diluent – 4 bottles), Field version (Alcohol swab, lancet, 1 well cassette, pipette, diluent)
  • Specificity: 100%
  • Sensitivity: 90%
  • Certification: CE, Sudan Health Authority
  • Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of production

Jal Medical extends its reach to 57 African countries, such as Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa, and Sudan, delivering reliable healthcare solutions. Additionally, the company serves Caribbean countries and Central Asian nations, demonstrating a commitment to global health. With certifications from CE and the Sudan Health Authority, the iCARE Tuberculosis Rapid Screen Test is a trusted choice for accurate and timely detection, contributing to the global effort in managing infectious diseases.

In the dynamic landscape of medical innovations, Jal Medical remains at the forefront, delivering quality products to diverse regions, ultimately contributing to a healthier world.