Disposable Medical Isolation Gown

Disposable Medical Isolation Gown – Scope of Application

Disposable medical isolation gown used for general isolation in out-patient, ward, and laboratory of medical institutions

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of disposable medical isolation gowns, we ensure greater effectiveness by employing the highest quality raw materials in accordance with global benchmarks.

Jal Medical is one of the leading exporter and bulk suppliers of isolation gown. To ensure that the clients receive immaculate goods, these high-quality products are manufactured in good processing facilities and are readily available in bulk supply. Therefore, as disposable medical isolation gown manufacturer we take great care in providing only the best products to our clients.

Disposable Medical Isolation Gown Specifications

  • Size: Full body type, XXXL
  • Material: SF, non-woven fabric
  • Packaging: 50 pieces / carton
  • Packaging Size 80cm x 40cm x 52cm
  • Net Weight / Gross Weight: 11.6kg / 13.6kg

Features of Disposable Medical Isolation Gown

  • Waterproof
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Moisture Permeable
  • Full Body Protection

Disposable Medical Isolation Gown Certifications


Disposable Medical Isolation Gown Manufacturing Output

60000 units per day

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