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JAL MEDICAL SINGAPORE & NUTRISYZ PTE. LTD have entered into a joint collaboration to develop and distribute globally the sale of Chinese Proprietary Medicine and Herb-Based Health Supplements.

We as manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Health Products are seeking for global partners to promote our range of premium range of products to consumers, business partners and brand partners.

The founder of Nutrisyz started to travel to visit raw materials plantations, mainly Ganoderma Lucidum plantation and manufacturers in China in 2012. Since then, the company continued in market research and studies on the benefits of various bioactive ingredients in Ganoderma Lucidum through medical research papers and journals to ensure that it delivers only the finest and most exquisite products to people’s health.

As health products manufacturers the company takes pride in their products, as all the product formulas are carefully formulated with raw materials containing high bioactive ingredients to ensure it is of the highest efficacy. All products are manufactured by certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) manufacturers.

The company imposes stringent quality and safety controls on raw materials and finished products to meet the health supplements guidelines stipulated by the Health Science Authority (HSA), Singapore. All Nutrisyz Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) health supplements products are listed under HSA CPM Product Listing.

We as health products suppliers bulk supply the best and highest quality health products in the most affordable range as exporters and bulk suppliers.

“Nutrisyz pledge to promote health and wellness in the people around us”

We develop high efficacy Chinese Proprietary Medicine (CPM) products, listed in Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA) product listing.

JAL Medicals is the leading company in developing and supplying a premium range of health products for the sale of herb-based supplements. They specialize in formulas with bioactive ingredients and these compounds have numerous health benefits. One such range is the Ganoderma Luciderm spore powder. The Lingzhi extract benefits attribute to its specific health applications which are based on traditional and anecdotal and scientific evidence. As lingzhi manufacturer the Ganoderma Luciderm Spores Powder by Jal Medicals is a reishi mushroom extract derived from its outer shells and spores and is derived from the most researched mushroom of the world has its unique benefits. It helps controlling blood sugar levels, supporting the immune system, metabolism rates, improving blood circulation, and enhancing the metabolism of the body.

The Nutrisyz Ganoderma Luciderm Spore oil or lingzhi oil in this range uses the best in class CO2 extraction technology to benefit the liver and cardiovascular system. This Lingzhi spore oil has a variety of other potential benefits like enhancing the respiratory system and digestive function. The Ganoderma mushrooms are medicinal ones blessed with the superpowers of healing and these Lingzhi supplements in the form of reishi spores powder and lingzhi extract can help relieve fatigue while improving the quality of sleep. The Cordyceps is yet another herb supplement containing polysaccharides, proteins, and adenosine and the benefits are increasingly apparent.

We have also ventured into herbal hair tonics to promote hair growth and minimise hair loss in the most herbal way with ingredients like Red Ginger and Panax Ginseng. This is one of our tried and tested formula for enhancing the hair’s life cycle. Our fundamental on dietary and health supplements that are crafted with research and expertise have demonstrated efficacy and are irreproducible. Our in-vitro research is aimed at the quality and well-being of the world.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spores Powder & Extract

The Ganoderma Lucidum spores powder extract is best known for its therapeutic effects and its specific attributes and health benefits include enhancing the metabolism, immune system, and improving the digestive system. The paramount nutritional value of the reishi mushrooms is well known since ancient times and was used as a Chinese traditional medicine popularly. The Ganoderma Lucidum spore extract has an abundance of components such as triterpenes and polysaccharides, which have various biological activities which regulate the balance of the body and relieve any kind of fatigue while improving the quality of sleep.

The reishi mushroom is the best amongst the medicinal mushrooms that have been used for hundreds of years and the reishi spores extract has scientific evidence proving its effectiveness. Popularly called the Lingzhi, it has a long history of use for promoting health and longevity. The Ganoderma Lucidum is produced from different parts of the mushroom-like mycelia, spores, and fruit body. The reishi supplements are conveniently available in form of powder and vegetable capsule which is recommended to be used once or twice daily with warm water or as directed by the physician. This convenient method of use along with its claim of health benefits has helped it assume greater importance worldwide.

This herbal remedy in the form of a Lingzhi capsule with its long and impressive range of applications is incorporated in a formulation like never before. The reishi powder extract is concentrated to ensure maximum digestibility and they are prized for their ability to build resistance for the body, detox, and calm the nerves. Our product team makes conscious efforts and uses informed decisions for developing breakthrough systems of health care.

Nutrisyz Cordyceps SP Sinensis mycelium

One ingredient that promises to cure what ails you- Whether it is an extract pill or powder, the Cordyceps works wonders to enhance vitality, immunity, relieve fatigue and improve stamina. An improved endurance with this world-changing science is possible through the use of the best Cordyceps Sinensis.

The biologically active compounds in this traditional herb are well known to improve the respiratory system. The Sinensis-mycelium works on improving immunity by stimulating cells and specific chemicals in the immune system. Cordyceps supplements are proved to be a natural immunity booster that is healthy and can help with a healthy vascular function and offering blood sugar support due to hypoglycemic activity. It serves as an energy booster as it profoundly improves health, longevity vitality, and physical performance.

Jal Medicals provides a comprehensive package of Cordyceps energy support in its power-packed capsule form. Cordyceps powder due to the energizing quality of the Cordyceps powder is widely used to build up stamina and athletic performance. They increase the body’s production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is essential to deliver energy to the muscles. What makes the Cordyceps herb unique is its ingredients of polysaccharides and proteins and the ability of these mood-boosting compounds to work as an energy vitaliser. Our daily supplements are the ideal choice to tap into the energizing benefits of Cordyceps. To ensure you buy high-quality Cordyceps supplements, look for brands that carry the HSA CPM Product Listing. One Vegicap potion of the Fermented Cordyceps powder can make a world of difference to health systems.

Nutrisyz Ganoderma Lucidum Spores Powder

The Ganoderma spore is a minuscule germ cell ejected from the Ganoderma mushroom gills during its growth maturity period. The Ganoderma Lucidum spores powder comes as a supplement retaining all its genetic effective ingredients while providing immunomodulatory effects. This cracked Spores powder has the goodness of polysaccharides and triterpenes. It is proposed to boost immunity, fight fatigue, improve memory increase stamina, lower cholesterol and stimulate circulation. It is touted as the top source of antioxidants.

The Lingzhi cracked spores powder provides an entire range of benefits of the medicinal mushroom to improve body functions comprehensively. The advantage this reishi herb powder provides is that is cultivated in the closest possible condition to wild Lingzhi in a pollution-free environment producing the best benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidum extract. The higher bioactive ingredients with the assurance of food safety and traceability improve and regulate multiple functions of the human body to have a stronger and comprehensive effect.

The Lingzhi mushroom for ages was unavailable to the masses as it was sparsely available to nobility. It is recognized by its red varnish appearance as called the red reishi popularly. Reputable suppliers extract nutrients from the mushroom spores which are even more potent. It uses hi-end technology to release nutrients behind a tough indigestible cell wall. JalMedical uses the supercritical CO2 technology to ensure efficacy in its cracking rate which helps in the maximum release of nutrients and helping in better absorption by the human body. Expertise comes of prime importance in extracting the health supplement and medicinal properties and that is why it is imperative to choose a trusted source.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil

The Lingzhi spore oil is a lipid biologically active substance that plays the role of a pharmacologically effective ingredient. The reishi spore oil is known for its soothing and absorbable qualities. It is a perfect antidote for those looking out for a pure and effective reishi supplement. The spores of the Ganoderma Lucidum are rich in phytochemicals and effective advanced proprietary methods are used to crack these impermeable walls is developed to extract the reishi spore oil. Special consideration is given to employing technologies that can assure the freshness and purity of the Lingzhi spore oil.

Its health benefits include supporting a healthy heart and liver. It improves blood oxygen supply to the heart and accelerates blood circulation and provides liver protection. Monitoring is done at every stage of the extraction of the oil to ensure the healing properties of the Ganoderma spore oil remain intact. Reishi oil provides immunological, neurological, metabolic, hepatic, and vascular protection amongst other its functionalities. Traditionally, it is valued as a tonic herb that can pave the path to radiant health at all levels. It is best used as a primary herb oil and dietary supplement. At Jal Medicals expert connoisseurs have been employed to observe the unique characteristics of reishi mushroom spores and its oil to judge the quality by which it has established itself as the renowned developer and supplier of the Lingzhi oil. The elite spore oil supplements can have spiritual benefits like a noticeable positive impact on emotional stability, optimism, sleep, and clarity of thought.

The reishi spore oil we offer as health products exporters has been analytically tested and verified to contain sufficient levels of triterpenoids which is huge and most beneficial when compared to most mushroom supplements. This miraculous spore oil is simple to consume in the form of soft gel capsules in your reach.