iCARE Hepatitis C Virus Rapid Test

If you’re looking for a quick, lab-accurate HCV test, the iCARE Hepatitis C Vira n Rapid Test is a great option. The rapid test enables healthcare providers to quickly and easily provide at-risk patients with lab results.

iCARE HCV Rapid Test Enables Healthcare Providers to Deliver Fast, Lab Accurate Test Result

Healthcare providers can quickly and accurately detect the presence of HCV antibodies using a simple POC test. The test results can be delivered in less than 20 minutes, which allows healthcare providers to identify individuals at risk for HCV and offer counseling or treatment when necessary. In an outbreak situation, timely identification of infected patients can help reduce anxiety among those who may be exposed to the virus.

The iCARE HCV Rapid Test is a point-of-care test for the detection of antibodies to HCV. It is available in a variety of settings, including correctional facilities, public health clinics, and needle exchange programs. It is also being used at NSPs and urban STI clinics.

The iCARE HCV Rapid Test is a simple, quick and cost-effective way to provide fast lab results for patients. The rapid, accurate results are critical in the management of patients with HCV. Providing a rapid and accurate result can save time, money and anxiety for patients.

The iCARE HCV Rapid Test is a highly accurate and quick HCV antigen test. It is compatible with a range of clinical laboratory equipment. It is fast and inexpensive and enables healthcare providers to deliver a lab-accurate test result within 20 to 30 minutes.