iCARE HIV 1&2 Rapid Screen Test (Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma)

HIV 1&2 Rapid Blood Test

iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test: A Beacon in HIV Diagnosis

Jal Medical’s iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test is a pivotal advancement in the early detection and management of HIV. With a focus on reliability and ease of use, this test kit has been meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both medical professionals and individuals in diverse environments. The kit’s ability to work with whole blood, serum, or plasma makes it a versatile tool in the battle against this virus.

Key Features Anti-HIV(1&2) Test Kit:

  • Dual Version Availability: The test is available in a hospital version, offering 40 tests per kit, and a field version, which provides a single test per foil for on-the-spot diagnosis.
  • Convenient Test Format: The hospital version includes a 1 well cassette, pipette, and diluent in three bottles, while the field version comes with a 1 well cassette and pipette, ensuring that the testing process is simple and efficient.
  • Diverse Testing Capability: With the ability to use whole blood, serum, or plasma, the kit can adapt to various testing protocols.
  • Accurate Antibody Detection: It is designed to accurately detect antibodies against both HIV-1 and HIV-2, aiding in the comprehensive screening of this condition.
  • Global Certifications: The production of the iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test is ISO 13484:2016 and GMP approved, and it has received a multitude of global recognitions, including being CO-BRANDED WHO PQ listed, and endorsed by USAID, GLOBAL FUND, NAFDAC Nigeria, and NICD South Africa, among others.

Tailored for Clinical and Field Use

The iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test meets the rigorous demands of clinical settings with its hospital version designed for efficiency and high throughput. The dip strip format available in boxes of 50 tests further facilitates mass screening initiatives. On the other hand, the field version is perfect for individual testing in remote locations, with each test individually packaged to maintain sterility and convenience.

A Commitment to Global Health Standards

Jal Medical’s commitment to global health is evident in the extensive certifications and evaluations the iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test has received. Independently evaluated by labs from Maryland (USA), the UK, Mexico, Uganda, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and China, the test is a trusted name in HIV diagnostics. It is also registered for self-testing in Thailand and Mongolia, with a CE application for HIV self-test underway, reflecting its adaptability to patient needs worldwide.

The iCare Rapid Anti-HIV(1&2) Test by Jal Medical is more than just a diagnostic tool; it’s a beacon of hope for those impacted by HIV. By providing accurate, user-friendly, and globally recognized testing options, Jal Medical is at the forefront of empowering individuals and health professionals in the fight against HIV/AIDS.