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The HIV Rapid Test Kits can be entirely done at home, in private locations, or even at professional places to produce results within minutes. The appreciable advantages of HIV 1&2 Oral Swab Test Kit are that it provides simplicity in sample collection, non-invasiveness, utmost accuracy, and quickness. The rapid HIV test kits are listed with WHO Pre qualified approved kits and the Europe CE which makes them globally acknowledged. Through HIV Serum Rapid Screen Test, and HIV 1&2 Urine Rapid Screen Test the testing is done to diagnose those who are newly infected, identify previously unrecognized infections as well as relieve the minds of those who are not infected.

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The iCARE rapid screen test like HIV 1&2 Saliva Rapid Screen Test offers total sensitivity as well as specificity for antibodies in the oral fluid samples which are known to outperform the traditional EIA’s. Also, the HIV testing kits do not require specialized equipment making them very simple to use with accurate results. Since they also possess a superior sensitivity to recent infectionsthese point-of-care test kits are originally designed with easy processes, packaging, and instructions.iCARE 1 &2 HIV Saliva Rapid Screen Tests come with a chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of antibodies in human saliva. They work with a mechanism where the binding protein is pre-coated onto a membrane as capture agents in the test region.

HIV testing kits

 The iCARE 1 &2 Rapid screen tests(urine) are just as sensitive and accurate as the HIV Blood Rapid Tests.Why they are preferred is that is safer and an acceptable way to screen for the disease. The disposal of urine samples is much cheaper and simpler. The HIV Plasma Rapid Test is successful in measuring the viral load in the blood and has a 100 percent panel confirmation.These HIV Serum Rapid Screen Tests are one-step whole blood/ plasma and serum tests are instant and trustful. In the HIV serum test, the person’s serum is allowed to react with the virus proteins. TheiCARE Anti HIV (1 &2) tri line testby JAL Medical is a qualitative detection and an immune-chromatographic rapid test that screens any kind of anti-body of all isotypes that are specific to HIV -1 including the subtype O and HIV-2 in human serum, plasma, and whole blood. The HIV Tri-Line Rapid Screen Test also has a shelf life of around 24 months and can be well stored upto the expiration date in sealed pouches.

Similarly, there are HIV Oral Swab Test Kitcollects an oral fluid sample and uses the materials in the kit to test the oral fluid sample. The HIV 1&2 Oral Swab Test has high diagnostic accuracy and has hospital versions. All one needs to do is add four drops of the specimen to the sample well which mixes with antibody dye conjugate. A procedure control is also embedded where a colored line appears at the Control region© if the HIV 1&2 Oral Swab test has been performed accurately and properly. The result is as quick as five minutes. This STD Rapid screen test also adopts a double antibody sandwich method which proves very effective. The Rapid HIV testing is highly recommended these days and the benefit these tests provide is that treatment can start as soon as possible rather than waiting and hampering the body system.


Rapid Test kits are important tools that can majorly reduce the uncertainty at the convenience of a home cost-effectively and with an accurate diagnosing mechanism. The HIV Saliva Rapid Screen test also offer the possibility of screening a larger number of people with almost no delay in results.