Multi-HBV Device
Rapid Screen Test

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iCARE Multi-HBV Device Rapid Screen Test

Jal Medical presents the iCare Multi HBVs (Hepatitis B Viruses) Rapid Test, a versatile solution for the simultaneous detection of both Hepatitis B antigens and antibodies. This innovative test kit is available in two versions to cater to different testing environments and requirements.

Key Features of Multi HBVs (Hepatitis B Viruses) Rapid Test:

  • Hospital Version: Each kit contains 25 tests and includes a 5-well cassette and pipette. Designed for clinical settings, this version facilitates efficient testing of whole blood, serum, or plasma samples for both antigens and antibodies associated with Hepatitis B.
  • Field Version: Packaged for convenience in a zip-lock bag, this version offers 40 tests per kit. It includes an alcohol swab, lancet, 5-well cassette, pipette, and diluents. Ideal for use in remote or field settings, it enables healthcare providers to conduct rapid testing outside traditional laboratory environments.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities:

The iCare Multi HBVs Rapid Test is capable of detecting both Hepatitis B antigens and antibodies, providing comprehensive insights into the presence of the virus. This dual functionality enhances diagnostic accuracy and facilitates timely medical interventions.

User-Friendly Design:

Both versions of the test kit are designed for ease of use, featuring clear instructions and all necessary components for sample collection and testing. The 5-well cassette format allows for simultaneous testing of multiple samples, streamlining the diagnostic process and saving valuable time.

Reliable Results:

Backed by Jal Medical’s commitment to quality and accuracy, the iCare Multi HBVs Rapid Test delivers reliable results that healthcare professionals can trust. Whether in a hospital setting or out in the field, this test provides valuable diagnostic information for effective management of Hepatitis B infections.

iCare Multi HBVs Rapid Test by Jal Medical represents a significant advancement in Hepatitis B diagnostics. With its dual functionality, user-friendly design, and reliable performance, it empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes in the fight against Hepatitis B.