The iCARE Glucose Meter

The iCARE Glucose Meter is designed to help healthcare professionals and those with diabetes mellitus monitor their glucose levels in the comfort of their home. However, this device is not intended for diagnosing diabetes mellitus and it should not be used on neonates. It should also only be used during steady-state conditions of blood glucose. Moreover, it is not intended for use by visually impaired individuals.

iCARE Glucose Meter

The iCARE Glucose Meter is a Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This device provides continuous monitoring of glucose levels, and it also measures b-ketone. It features automatic test strip recognition. This device is safe and effective for diabetics who want to monitor their glucose levels at home.

It has easy-to-learn instructions for fast results. The meter can provide results within 6 seconds of the sample being drawn. A very small amount of blood is required. The meter is affordable and has a low-cost test strip. It is also user-friendly, and offers many benefits without sacrificing quality.

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iCARE Glucose Meter Uses a Lancet

The I-Care Glucose meter uses a lanceting device to measure glucose levels in the blood. The device can be used at home and does not require a physician’s supervision. It also has a user manual for easy operation.

This system is easy to use, requires a minimal amount of blood and produces accurate results within 6 seconds. The meter also has a confirmation window that shows the precise amount of blood drawn. The iCare Advanced Meter also detects re-use of test strips, ensuring that your results are accurate.

iCARE Glucose Meter

iCARE Glucose Meter Uses a Transmitter

The iCARE Glucose Meter is a transmitter-based Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This system can be used in the comfort of your own home. It uses a glucose sensor that has a 120-hour life span. The transmitter has a color display and customizable alarms. These alerts can be set to notify you of high glucose levels, low glucose levels, or even if you are out of wireless range.

The transmitter is waterproof up to 1 meter. It is also compact and light, with a battery that lasts for 30 days. The receiver weighs only 99 grams and is a cellphone-size device. The receiver is easy to use and does not interfere with the wearer’s daily activities.

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iCARE Glucose Meter Uses Test Strips

The iCARE Glucose Meter uses test strip technology to help you measure blood sugar and b-ketone levels. The test strips calibrate automatically and are effective for up to 180 days after you open them. They are available in specially designed low-humidity vials. The meter has an advanced system that guides you through the test process. It also supports alternate site testing.

To use the meter, you must first insert a blood drop into the control window. The blood drop should make contact with the absorbent opening on the test strip. Do not remove the blood drop before the meter beeps. You should also make sure that you do not press the drop against the test strip or smear it on the strip. After putting in the drop of blood, you must wait for five minutes. The device will automatically shut off after this time. The meter is then ready for a new test.